Pre Stretched Film

Why is It Chosen?

It is the most cost-effective solution. It is more economical due to causing less damage.

It has dynamic tension properties. Utilizes stored energy to provide high load-carrying capacity evenly throughout the film.

Its ease of grip and use reduces effort while increasing efficiency.

It is safe to use. The wrapping process can be performed with less effort.

It is environmentally friendly. It requires much less plastic, thus creating less waste.

Reinforced edges provide better load carrying capacity and resistance to tearing than regular films. It does not create hard edges, preventing damage and harm.

It is highly clear. Its reduced glare does not cause issues in processes like barcode scanning.

It has a structure that provides strong wrapping and grip, making it suitable for use in dusty, humid, and cold environments.

It is much more resistant to damage. While normal stretch films easily deform, Pre Stretch film is resistant to drops and impacts.

It is one third lighter than regular films.

Machine Type Pre-Stretch Film

7 to 9 microns,

Produced between 3000 and 4200 meters.

Machine Type Pre-Stretch Film

Manual Pre-Stretch Film

7 to 9 microns,

Produced as 600 meters.

Manual Pre-Stretch Film