PE Polyethylene Food Stretch Film

Preserve Freshness...

Why Should We Choose PE Polyethylene Food Stretch Film?

Although LDPE, which does not contain hazardous chemicals, has lower adhesion properties than PVC-made equivalents, it is suitable for healthy use in the kitchen. Stretch Film made from LDPE does not contain phthalates, known to be harmful to health, added to plastics to increase flexibility. It is environmentally friendly because it uses less energy compared to PVC and is 100% recyclable."

Polyethylene Food Stretch Film, which is safe for food contact especially from a hygiene and health perspective, contains no carcinogenic substances.

Gıda Streç Film


Wrap food however you like.

Stretch film is ideal for keeping your food fresh and preserving it without spoilage for a long time.

Helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh and vibrant in flavor and vitamins.

Prevents food odors from mingling.

Allows you to easily store your food in the refrigerator and freezer.

PE Polyethylene Food Stretch Film

Product Types

Polyethylene Food Stretch Film is produced in thicknesses of 8-9-10-12 microns, odorless, clear, and honeycomb styles, measuring 30 cm in width and 45 cm in length.