Machine Stretch Film


Offers the most economical solution for packaging. It securely wraps your product and facilitates transportation without adding extra weight due to its lightweight nature.

Very economical; saves labor and time.

The flexible and strong film easily wraps products with sharp edges or corners without tearing.

Its adhesive quality eliminates the need to apply heat to the product or to secure it with another material.

Can be stretched up to 300% in automatic machines.

Super Power Stretch Film

Can be stretched up to 300% in automatic wrapping machines.

Durable from -40°C to +80°C under normal conditions.

Unaffected by rain.

Wraps sharp edges without tearing, flexible and strong.

Due to its adhesiveness, there is no need to heat the product or secure it with another material.

It is very economical; saves greatly on labor and time.

Standardly produced in 17, 20, and 23 micron thicknesses.

1500 meter wrapped coils are produced in 17 and 23 micron thicknesses, in Power and Super Power grades.